#348 Good Morning Monday, July 17, 2017

Hello World,

So I’m blogging 2 days in a row.  That’s a bit unusual for me lately, but I feel that I want to continue my thinking lately.  Today I am going to work at Intergroup this afternoon.  I think I’ll drop in around 11 so I can have a little “training” before Bill goes to his Noon meeting.  He just started it and we’ll see how that goes.

I’ve begun using my “Budget” sheet again.  I think it might be useful as I continue this journey or Retirement.  I’ve always found it to be a little “useless” as I can manipulate it, but it might be a useful tool for me moving forward.  I found this one “on line”.

July 2017 Budget

July 2017 Budget

One of the things I’ve been doing is paying more on my credit cards than I usually do.  Since I had a bit of a windfall with my “accident suit”, I’ve been using that money.  I’ve got my cards down to a manageable level and I hope to stop using them except for “extraordinary” items – airfare etc.  Anyway, I don’t really need to use them all that often.  I’ve been using my 360 card for groceries and I just keep funding that.  I did use it to buy ink cartridges that were over $100 but I might be able to get that reimbursed by Intergroup.

I gotta get going again.  My hair needs to be dried before my 8AM meeting so I’ll be back.  I still want to talk about my “computer” issues.

The 8AM meeting was great.  Tony chaired and he started the meeting with a personal prayer to God.  I’ve never experienced that.  It was pretty powerful.  Then Ric ended it with the 3rd step prayer.  I think Diana and I need to do that each time we call each other.  I’m also going to start going to the “Movie Day” with her and her friends.  Diana will be good for me.  I like her and we’re the same age.

So the other day, my computer was having difficulty at Sisters By The Sea.  I couldn’t connect to the printer I brought to use over the weekend.  So I got connected to HP Support.  They fixed it for a fee of $150.  But when I got home and tried to reconnect to my printer I couldn’t do it and when I called the support line, they fixed it remotely.  I’m a bit afraid of doing that with folks in India, but it’s been working so I guess it’s legit.  Anyway, one thing they told me was that I had viruses that I got by clicking “unknown” links.  I think it was probably when I bought a couple of things through a FB link.  They showed me the viruses and so they had to clean them out.  I am always skeptical of that especially since I just had the computer cleaned out by Office Depot a couple of weeks earlier.  So anyway, I let them do it, and I must say, things are working better now.  So I guess it was worth it.  But this is the type of thing I need to eliminate from my “budget”.  But my computer was telling me that Word wasn’t working any longer.  I also have another program “for free” that will open Word Documents.  It is called Open Office.  But it opens the document and converts it to another type that I can edit, but others may not be able to open.  So I signed up for Office 365 for $99.  I’m still trying to figure out how that is working since there doesn’t seem to be any link that was sent to me to “download”.  I thought that would happen, but maybe it did do something because my Word Mobile app is now working.  So I guess I should trust that it’s okay now.  We’ll see how it goes.

I guess I’ll stop for a while.  I’m going to Intergroup at 11 today so Judy can leave early.  So I have about 1/2 hour more to “mess around” at home before I go.  I’ll take this with me and spend some time on it if things are “slow” in the office.

Be back later!


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