#351 Good Morning Monday, August 7, 2017

Hello World,

I’ve started a little part time/temporary job.  It is with:

Pest Control of Naples

Pest Control of Naples

It is with Phil and Esther Flannery.  Phil put a post on FB and asked if anyone would like to help him for a month.  So I responded.  It’s nice working with them.  I’m trying to learn the scheduling system.  It is pretty user friendly.  I really like it.  Just up my alley.  Esther is a great teacher.  The program is really great.  It’s difficult because I don’t know the customers and their likes and dislikes and habits.  I’m trying to get the FB page on my FB feed, but I can’t seem to do that this morning.  I’ll ask Esther to invite me to the page and I guess that is how to do it.   Yesterday I sent out emails that had the right DAY on it but the wrong DATE.  I’m going to have to be more careful.  I’ve made a list of phone numbers for the schedule on TUESDAY so I can begin to make calls.  They gave me a “throw away phone” to use to make the calls.  Texting from it is difficult.  It seems that perhaps Richard should have a couple of more calls today.  I’ll call Esther after the 8AM meeting.  There are a couple of emails also.  Anyway, I’m pretty excited about doing this job.  I hope it becomes full time – which is 2 to 3 hours a day 5 days a week.  I can do it between meetings.  I think Esther wants to give it up now because she has grand kids she wants to spend time with.  I’m looking forward to working with them.  I hope they’ll like me.

I’m now working with 4 sponsees.  Haven, Diana, Barbara and Jayne.  That is a lot.  But I think it will be fine now that I’m not working full time.  It helps me to stay sober.  That is good too.  Next Sunday is a workshop and a Chili Cook Off down on Marco.  The Grapevine will put up the display.  I’ll pack up the car and drive to church as I’m setting up & greeting.  Plus I’m planning to make that great chili from Weight Watchers.  Speaking of Weight Watchers – I’ve lost 7 pounds.   I love the app.  Yesterday I ate more at the monthly breakfast than I should have, but the frittata was amazing and also the potatoes.  But I skipped lunch and had a tuna wrap for dinner.  The wrap I’ve found (through WW) is a great way to make a sandwich.  I can still eat the Turkey Bites (2 points for 6 of them).  I’m looking for “0” point things.  I can have celery and radishes.  Also, Bing cherries are in season and they are “0” points for a CUP.  So I eat those a lot when I need just to munch on something.  Also WW popcorn is pretty good.  Rice Cakes are good too – kind of like popcorn without the issue of kernels in the teeth.

Well that is about all for now.  I may come back later as I am needed a little journaling and this works for me.  Thanks for visiting!


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