#352 – Good Afternoon, Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hello World,

I’m starting this late today because I can.  I gave up my part time temporary job.  Fortunately, they decided they could do it better which I knew all along.  It was interesting and educational.  Most of all, this experience made me realize that I do not want to work any more.  It was just too much of a commitment and I don’t like to be stressed like that.  I was always stressed with that job.  So now on to other things.

Yesterday was the Great American Eclipse day.  I wasn’t aware of the hype on it until recently and I’m sorry I didn’t know more about it.  If I had, I would have tried to get closer to the path of “Totality”.  Here in Naples, we only saw 82% coverage which did not even darken the day.  I didn’t have “glasses” but I made my own boxes:

My Eclipse Glasses

My Eclipse Glasses

I learned about it on the news via FB.  Turns out, it was way too small to see anything.  But there wasn’t much to see anyway.  I was working at the Intergroup Office and I had my iPad with me so I was streaming the scene from the Naples Pier.  It was good, but I didn’t see much there either.  On the National News, they had reporters in Oregon and other places across the country watching the progress.  I’ve decided that next time (in 17 years) I’ll go to a place that is on the path.  We figured out it will be in Knoxville, or somewhere in Tennessee.  It’s also good to go where there are others enjoying the experience.  But I did get these two pictures from the Internet today.  This makes it memorable even though I didn’t see it first hand.

Eclipse August 21, 2017

Eclipse August 21, 2017

Slow motion camera.  It’s pretty cool.  But my favorite is:

August 21, 2017 Eclipse

August 21, 2017 Eclipse

This was a NASA picture that captured the “Diamond Ring” aspect of it.  Super picture and now I have it in my collection.

This is the time lapse that Kristin created.  I think it’s GREAT:

Kristin's Eclipse

Kristin’s Eclipse

She thinks the color changes had to do with the cloud cover.  Anyway, now I have this picture forever too!

Today I have an appointment to get my stitches out of my head.  I went to Dr. Ross, my dermatologist and he gouged out a bit of my head.  Sewed me up and now it’s time to remove the stitches.  He really does a great job at “sewing”.  Soon there won’t be a scar at all.  I’m skeptical that there was an issue in the first place, but I guess I should leave that up to him.

My gynecologist, Wallace McLean is not in my network in my new insurance, and my prescriptions are expired.  Humana wants me to order them in 3 month supply.  Eventually it will be worth it.  One of them is free and the other one is a little more than I’m paying now (which is $4).  I set up a pap smear with Dr. Rajani for my next appointment because I knew that Wally was out of network, but I should only need to pay him $44 for the exam so now I won’t need to worry about Wally retiring, which he will one day.

I had an “engine light” go on today on my Trike.  So I took it to Harley.  No charge – I just gave the guy who washed her a $5 tip.  It was worth it, she looks so SHINY and new.  It was a nice ride, but now it’s 92 degrees out and too hot for a ride.  I need to get to the store to pick up some “Smart Ones”.  I’ve lost 12 pounds.  SO Happy with Weight Watchers!  I’ll be down a few more before I get out to Yellowstone, which is great.

I was looking back at my posts a few years ago and my pictures show a much “chubbier” me.  I’m much happier now.

I guess that’s it for today.  Thanks for visiting!


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