#354 Friday Morning, September 8, 2017

Good Morning Everyone,

So we’re waiting for Hurricane Irma.  It’s a HUGE storm and has devastated the Caribbean on its march to Florida.  The track keeps changing.  Yesterday it was going to hit Jon, today it’s coming to the West Coast.  So I’ve made the decision to cancel my trip to Yellowstone.  Even if the weather improves, there is another storm Jose coming in after Irma.  So Hurricane season has really started off with a bang this year.  Mainly, I don’t want my cats to suffer while I go out of town.  Plus if the weather is awful, I don’t want Jeff to have to keep coming over.  So now I’m relieved of this anxiety.  I just need to figure out how I can get credit for my plane ticket.  Even though it was a credit from the last time.  I will only have a little more than $200 credit I think.  We’ll see.

So after living in Florida for over 40 years I’ve never had storm shutters.  That has changed.  I put them up with the help of Jim Martie.  It was really easy.  I think I’ll be able to take them down myself.  I’m going to leave some of them up until the end of Hurricane season.  I may take some of them down or at least a panel so that some light comes in.  It is really dark in the house now.  But here is what they look like:

Irma 2017

I also moved all of my front porch into my house:

Irma 2017

I also bought a few items to prolong the life of my phone.  I’m not sure how it is going to work, but we’ll find out.  This is the “password” for my “hot spot”:

Hot Spot

I’ve just let Jeff know he can come over for the storm.  I guess that is a good idea because I didn’t want to really be here alone and felt bad about him not going anywhere.  We’ll see how that turns out.

I’ll come back to this later.  I need to get going to the 8AM meeting.  I need to find out if we’ll be having the 8AM meeting tomorrow.

More will be revealed.


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