#355 Good Morning, Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Good Morning Everyone,

Well Hurricane Irma has left and now we are still cleaning up.  I went over to Jon’s place for the storm.  Jackie, Laura, Jeff and me along with our 10 cats and 2 dogs all descended upon Weston on Saturday, September 9th.  The drive over the alley was awful.  It really rained hard and I was afraid it would be dark when we arrived, but we made it before it got dark and as we drove into Jon’s driveway, the rain stopped so we could unload the 3 cars without that hassle.  The garage code “1962 Enter” worked.  I’m guessing that is Ale’s birth year.  So she is 12 years younger than me and 15 years younger than Jon.  Interesting tidbit.  Our stay at Jon’s was wonderful.  He never lost electricity for the entire time and the shutters kept the storm away and not scary at all.  As soon as we could, we raised the front door shutters:

After IRMA

What a relief after being in the dark for 2 days.  Jon was right.  He told me that during the previous hurricanes that he experienced in that house, the power never went out because he was on the Hospital Grid.  Many of my friends in Naples suffered with no AC since 9/10 – that is 10 days today!  Jackie and Laura and the 7 cat and 2 dogs came back to Naples on Wednesday, 9/13th to no Power or AC or water.  I delayed another day and came back on Thursday 9/14 with 3 cats and Jeff.  He still does not have power and is in my guest room.  He has been a lot of help since we got back.  He cleaned the back porch and cleaned up the yard.  I’m waiting for the tree to be removed from my back yard:

Back yard

You can see how the lake came up to my porch in this picture.  Jeff cleaned it all up!  Now the cats can go out and now we’re waiting for the tree to be removed and screens fixed.

More later.  Going to The Brown Bag meeting.

Darci Lynne won AGT this year.  She was amazing and deserved it.  Here is a picture of her:

Darci Lynne

I watched the finals last night until the bitter end because I could and I didn’t need to go to work today!  That is wonderful!

Also, Jeff now has power – PTL!  We have had an interesting 12 days together.  It just helped me realize I like living ALONE!  He was pretty considerate and boy was he helpful by cleaning the porch and the yard.  He was willing to do that and I appreciate it.  He told me he was leaving me alone after I retired so I could “find my way” and he is right about that, mainly that I’m happy living alone and don’t need the complication that comes with having a man in my life.  He is not the one.  We are able to fight well, we showed that pretty well over in Weston which is a plus but not enough for me to commit to a relationship.   I just want him to be “a friend” and nothing more.  I made him sleep in the guest room while he was here.  I can’t sleep with him in the bed.  Noisy and disruptive.  The biggest factor is that he smokes and doesn’t seem to want to give that up.  Of course, I’m the same with my electronics and my cats.  So we’re both blessed with additional addictions.  Anyway, my communication skills are still awful and I didn’t really respond to his confession about leaving me alone.  I’ll keep praying about it.

So back to Weston and the hurricane.  Jon’s house was amazing.  I started thinking about it yesterday, and couldn’t remember ever feeling “scared” about the storm.  Whether it was the shutters that kept everything quiet or what, but I never felt bad about it, like the people here in Naples who stayed at their places.  My guess is that I’ll stay at my place next time.  I feel safe here especially since I have the shutters.  I sure would not have liked to be out of power for 11 days like some people here.  But I like the idea of not uprooting the cats.

Well, Greg is coming over shortly to clean my gutters.  I hope he comes soon.  I’d like to get that process done.  I’ll pay him $50.  He and Ellen have been really helpful to us.  Always bringing us food from the pantries they go to.  Nice gesture.  They are staying at Ron and Debs.  Their place got trashed.  Their daughter Charlie is a stitch.  Really smart and funny, but I still don’t want to babysit her – not comfortable with that!

I’ll post other pictures of Jon’s place at another time.  Thanks for visiting!



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