#356 Good Morning Saturday, September 30, 2017

Good Morning Everyone,

So it has now been 20 days since IRMA wrecked havoc on our area.  I’m very lucky.  I only had a bit of flooding on my porch from the rain and lots of holes in my screens.  Another thing that happened, was that the lawn people took out the tree on my side yard.  It was probably a “good” think as I believe the root system was going to go into my foundation and cause trouble there.  I guess that will be resolved now.  We’ll see.

So last Sunday, I went on the “Sunset Cruise” with people from the NAC.  It was a lot more fun than I expected.  I’ll have to try to do some of the “tourist” things in our area.  A cheap way to “staycation”.  Anyway, here is a picture of my group!

Sunset Cruise 2017

It is me, Jayne, Kathy, Steve and Suzy in the wheelchair.  Suzy decided to get drunk and crashed her car and really hurt herself.  She is healing, but it’s a process.  She is living in a little one room guest room on Linwood Avenue.  Ugh – but for the Grace of God go I.

Here are 2 pictures of the sunset that day:


Sunset 2

It was really fun going down the canal in Port Royal.  I’m sure the people who live there aren’t so happy about that, but it was nice to slowly cruise out to the gulf to see the sunset.  Reminded me of some of the good times we had when we owned boats.  I might rent a boat one of these days and just go for a ride for a while.  That is a cheap way to “own” a boat.  I wouldn’t want to own a boat ever again, but renting one might be fun for a while.  Anyway, the cruise was really nice and we had a great time.  The food was pretty good too.  I was really impressed by the boat.  I wasn’t expecting it to be as clean and nice as it was.  I enjoyed it a lot.

Looking back at my picture library, I don’t think I mentioned the fact that Roy Pardee died.  It was a tragedy.  He had moved down to Marathon and decided to stay through the hurricane.  Big mistake!  This is a picture of his accident.

Roy’s Accident

I choose to believe that his truck hydroplaned and he wasn’t drunk.  This was during the storm.  I found out about his death by FB.  His niece posted something and left her phone number.  I didn’t want to call the number so I had Tom Brady do it (he was his last sponsor).  Tom called and confirmed it.  The family was having trouble getting the body back due to the chaos in the Keys post IRMA.  I don’t know what has happened since.  Anyway, Roy was a good guy and a friend.  I missed him at the end when he moved to Marathon.  I had assumed he had been on his motorcycle.  I guess he quit or was fired from his job at VITEX.  I lost track of him ever since I mentioned to him that I was seeing Jeff.  That was too bad.  The last thing he did for me was to put the back rest on BB for me.  He also put together my Sit-N-Cycle and put the door bell in for me.  He was very handy.  He was instrumental in refurbing the Central Office at the 24 Hour Club.  He also organized the “After Hours Phone” schedule.  Not to mention he was THE ORIGINAL GRAPEMAN!

Grapeman with Victor E behind him!


Grapeman with Peter & Bill

He was pretty enthusiastic about that but lost interest eventually in it.  Changed the outfit to a more sophisticated one that Steve K does now:He was pretty enthusiastic about that but lost interest eventually in it.  Changed the outfit to a more sophisticated one that Steve K does now:

Grapeman at Quarterly

I am going to make up a tribute to him for our display of the Grapevine:

Here is a favorite picture of him:

Roy 2

That is a picture of him at a Quarterly with Victor E hanging on!  And then there is this great picture too:


This was at one of the picnics – probably the Corrections Picnic.  He was always helpful with all of that kind of stuff.  He got a resentment at the Naples Group and stopped coming.  Then the next thing I know he’s moved to Marathon.  He still posted on FB so I kept up with him there through messenger.  I don’t care what others say, FB does have it’s positive aspects.  Of course, I’m obsessed by it – like all electronics.  Thus I have my own BLOG!!!!

Well, I need to get ready to go to the Business Meeting for Morning Reflections and then it’s off to Food Angels.  Then to the BB meeting tonight – I’ll be taking Suzy.  So it’s a busy day and it’s supposed to be raining most of the day today – not good.  We’re still drying out from IRMA and now we have another tropical disturbance.

I read an article the other day on the 100 Best Places to live.  There is a place called Grapevine, Texas – between Dallas and Ft. Worth.  I don’t think I’ll ever move from Naples, but you never know.  I feel really safe out here in EAST Naples.  No flooding and I have SHUTTERS!  Life is great!

Come back and visit anytime!  Thanks for stopping by!


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