#357 Good Morning Friday, October 6, 2017

Good Morning everyone,

I’m going to work at Intergroup this morning.  Sheila was operated on last night – had a stroke – and I’m not sure whether Bill will be there.  I have to remember to look for my charger that I left there last Friday.  I got some nice surprising news this morning – Bob is going to move back to SW FL from California.  That makes my heart sing!  We can get together again and work on the website and Filezilla and all other things “web”.  YAY!

So yesterday, I rode BB to The Botanical Gardens.  I was the only one there it seemed.  Here is a picture of BB in the parking lot!

BB at BG

I really enjoyed going there with no one around.  It was very spiritual.  I found a maze.

Maze at BG

I did a half-assed walk through it.  The day was wonderful.  I can really feel FALL now!  I love October in Florida!  It is rainy today, but I don’t really care.  Here is another picture of me at the BG by myself!

BG Empty

It is a nice ride – safe and short.  I love doing the ride and walking through the garden.  I bought another bracelet:

New Gecko Bracelet

So yesterday after my 8AM meeting, I get home and there is a white truck in my driveway.  I go in the back and a guy named Mike has already stripped the screens off the lanai.  He is replacing them all.  I got a real deal from Blake.  $600.  Barely covered his costs I guess, but I am so grateful.  I really like Blake.  His Home Maintenance business is really taking off.  He is very willing to do anything.  Remember he fixed my chair:  (I’ll get back to this – taking time to get to Email)

Blake fixed the chair

Anyway, Mike did a great job with my screens.  They are all brand new and the patio/lanai/porch is amazing:

New Screens

Now I have no reminder of IRMA at my house except that the tree was removed and I have a small stump on the front porch:

Front Porch

I’m beginning to frame my coloring.  You can see it in the corner.  Jeff cleaned this front porch when he was staying with me from the Hurricane.  He did a great job and now I love the front porch.  The stump was along the road and I thought it would be good to keep it as a reminder of that chapter in my life.

So now I’m very happy and IRMA is a memory.  I must say, I came out very well considering others who lost their entire homes, got flooded and displaced (like the people at Moorings Park).  Oh also, Moorings Park is doing another BIG campus.  It is along GG Parkway by the Naples Grande Golf Course.  I may think about going back to MP to work at that location.  I could at least work part time.  There is a wonderful video that was posted on FB.  It’s going to be amazing.  It will be nice to see that progress like Grey Oaks.  It is called Moorings Park at Grand Lakes.  The builder is London Bay Homes/Properties.  It’s gonna be GREAT.  Good for them!  I may go on line and apply for an opening.  At least I can check it out.  Although there is now a new app called “indeed” that has taken over for Monster.com.  I’ve been applying for PT positions.  Nothing yet.  I’m in no rush.  I’m still enjoying my freedom.  Love not having to get dressed and go to work.  Life is SO good.

I guess that is about all for now.  I’ve got to get ready to “volunteer” at Intergroup.  Thanks for visiting, see you next time!




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