#358 Good Morning Monday, October 30, 2017

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  I can always tell because I have 41 comments – aka – spam.  Time to go clean them up!

So I’m up early today because I am going to take Pam to work today.  Pam is a new friend of mine who has been “down on her luck”.  She lost her license and is now living at St. Matt’s.  She had to live in Immokalee for 10 days until a bed opened up in Naples.  She has now secured a job with the Millenium Group – she used to work with them and she was offered a job again.  She starts today and I’m taking her to work.  We’ve been doing things together while she had time off before her job starts.  I’ve decided I’m going to offer her a room with me.  I’ll give her the room “temporarily” until she figures it out.  I’ll say it’s my “part-time” job and now I won’t need to get a part-time job – at least for a while.  Last week we went to the beach:

Naples Beach with Pam

I am going to send her flowers (actually a dish garden) for her desk today.  I still remember getting flowers the first day I started at CSN.  I don’t remember who sent them, but it was really nice.  So maybe she’ll appreciate them also.  She is a smoker, but says she is going to “stop”.  I hope she does.  I won’t let her smoke in the house and will probably let her smoke out on the porch.

I’ve been fixing up my back yard.  I bought a bunch of plants and have put them along the lanai/porch.  The lattice covers them but when I go out to feed the birds, I appreciate them.  I don’t want to “plant” them, because the ground is full of roots and difficult to dig into, so they will stay in their pots until they die and I’ll replace them with others.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’m definitely not the best gardener.

I think it will work out.  It will certainly be more convenient than living with a strange guy in Bonita.  She has a boyfriend, Lundy, who lives in Lehigh.  He has a job and a house.  She is storing a lot of her “stuff” there.  They were living together for a while and then she drank and he called the police on her.  She was put in jail and then started the rounds of DLC/NCH etc.  I picked her up after she was released from NCH and drove her to Immokalee.  I also picked her up from Immokalee and drove her down to St. Matt’s.  I’ve been driving her around.  It’s been good.  We’ve been going to meetings too.  I think she will be ok.  I have been warned, that once she moves in it might be hard to get her out.  But I’ll just take it and pray it isn’t a mistake.  Time will tell.

I went to Serenity by the Sea this last weekend:

Serenity by the Sea 2017

It was really amazing.  We set up the Grapevine display and Karen B sold $1200 worth of books etc right next to us.  I was able to go to the meetings/workshops & speakers.  It turned out to be really rainy on Saturday.  Tracey and Steve and Barbara raised $100 for the Grapevine with “Guess the Grapes”.  It was perfect.  The speakers were amazing – especially Larcine and Tami.  Very inspirational and what stories they had!  I got a picture of me and Clancy:

Clancy 10/29/17

I also got him to sign my Big Book.  I got Tami to sign it also.  I felt like I was back in High School.  I went back on Sunday to listen to Misoon.  She is from Korea and is amazing also.  She will be speaking at Sister’s by The Sea in June.  I love that.  I worked out a deal to go on a sober cruise with Peggy in January.  Then I’m going to Phoenix in February with Deb for the International Women’s Conference.  I might extend the time out there so I can visit with Bill and Cathy since they will be in Arizona at that time.  So I guess my “retirement” is revolving around AA and that is a good thing.

Speaking of Bill and Cathy.  They were in Georgia for a wedding last week.  Here is a great picture of them:

Bill & Cathy Oct 2017

It will be fun spending some time with them.

So I’m continuing this on Halloween 2017 – Oct. 31st.  We’re going to pass out candy tonight and I’m figuring I can get a Pizza at Charlenes.  Anyway, Pam moved in last night.  So far so good!  One day at a time.  Here is a picture of her on her first day of work!

Pam Knoll

So I am praying that it will work out.  She is a “smoker” and is going out on the lanai to smoke.  She intends to quit.  Hope so!

Yesterday after I went to WW to pick up a few items (gummies and Chips) I stopped off at the GREENWAY and walked for 40 minutes.  It was a beautiful day and just perfect for doing that!

Lights along the Greenway

So I guess that is about all for today.  Thanks for visiting!


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