#359 Good Morning Monday, November 6, 2017

Good Morning Everyone,

I’ve been using Indeed for job hunting.  I’ve applied to a few places, want to work on computers part time.  So the other day I had a voicemail from a guy named Geoff and he told me to call FRESH MARKET to set up an interview if I wanted a job.  I did that, went in to speak with Michael Lemon, the manager and I’m going to work there as a “seasonal” employee.  He has to hire about 40 people so I’m one of them!  I had to go on line to fill out the background check information and other things.  One of the questions I had to answer was “When did I move into this house”?  So it stumped me and I can’t figure out how to definitively find that out.  I think I put March 2014 and I think it worked.  Anyway, I was told on line that I had successfully completed the form.  Now I just wait for additional contact.  Since I did it on Friday, it settled over the weekend and I’ll probably see something on Tuesday or Wednesday.  I should probably start next week – I hope so.  It sounds like I might need to work on the weekends.  It seems that cashier jobs are for 5 hours at a time.  I’m hoping that I can still go on the cruise in January and the Women’s conference in February and visit with Bill and Cathy also.

Yesterday, Suzy and I went to FRESH MARKET to check it out!  I really love the atmosphere there.  The lighting is so nice and the displays are amazing.  The meat displays and fish displays are super.  So much nicer than PUBLIX.  But it is more expensive than them.  As an employee, I get at 20% discount, but it still is expensive.  I’ll probably just buy periodically.  Today, I’ll be picking up Pam from work at 4 and we’ll go there after work to pick up a few things.  She wants to cook.  Yay!  Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this new “chapter”.  My pay is going to be $10 per hour.  Not a lot, but enough for me to have some extra money and keep adding to my SS so when I take my own at 70, I’ll get even more money.  At least that is what I’m hoping.  Plus I’ll be getting $400 a month from Pam, until she moves out.  I hope that won’t be for a while.  Again, time will tell.

Pam and Lundy went boating yesterday.  Here is a great picture of them:

Pam & Lundy

Got to love Facebook for this type of thing.  They went to Caya Costa.

Suzy gave me a plant the other day.  Here it is along side the bamboo I planted a while back.  That side of the house looks so desolate now that the big trees are gone.  Anyway, here it is.  It should grow like a weed I hope!

Suzy’s Plant


The time changed on SUNDAY.  I like it so far.  It’s lighter earlier in the morning and darker earlier in the afternoon.  So far I’m OK with it, doesn’t seem to have changed my internal clock so far.

Well I guess that’s about it for now.  I may be back later.  I want to do my Sit ‘N Cycle this morning for exercise.  I was really bad eating yesterday, so I need to be good today.  Thanks for visiting!  See you next time!



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