#363 Good Morning Friday, December 1, 2017

Hello Everyone,

So I bought myself an early birthday present.  I’ve been having a bunch of trouble with my laptop computer.  SLOW, not responding, freezing etc., etc.  So I asked Michael if it was my spotty WiFi and he said probably not and that I may need a new computer.  So on CYBER Monday I purchased a new computer from STAPLES!  Total around $350 with additional warranty.  Then on TUESDAY!!!!! it arrived at my door.  It is beautiful!  It is an HP “Stream”.  It is WHITE!  I love it.  But my dilemma is now that I have too many computers.  I am backing up my old laptop, already it is relegated to “old”.  Kind of sad, but I must say this little number is really sweet.  Here is a picture of it:

The picture doesn’t do it justice.  It is pure white and has a coating on it that is resistant to finger prints.  It only weighs 3.5 pounds.  It is so sweet.  It doesn’t have a CD drive, but I may end up buying an external drive that can be connected to it.  Still thinking about that.  I use the CD drive for my Publisher program, but I may end up just making flyers on my old computer and doing everything else on this one.  Then I can bring over things from the old computer to this computer as I need them.  It is pretty cool.

Pam sells lots of things on line and I’d like to sell my ASUS but I can’t figure out how to clear out all of my personal info.  I think I’ll take it to STAPLES and ask Jonathan how to do it.  I think he’ll tell me.

I worked this week and last week, only 2 shifts.  I’m working only 1 shift next week, but Christopher got a better job so is quitting.  Casey said that he would probably give me more shifts next week.  I would like to transfer to the East Naples Fresh Market, but may hold off for a while.  The drive isn’t really worse than it was for Moorings Park, so I can deal with it, plus I’ll be getting $50 a month from Pam for gas until she gets her drivers license.  That is difficult for her to do.  She has to go to a DUI class which starts Monday, but she doesn’t have all of the paperwork yet.  She tried to open an account at Suncoast, but she doesn’t have everything she needs for that either.  So life is complicated for her.

So last Black Friday, I put up my Christmas lights.  Here they are:

Front Porch Lights

And also:

Garage Lights

So that is about all I do for Christmas.  I never get a tree because, why?  Plus the cats would wreck it and Domino would eat it and puke everywhere.  The cats don’t care.  But now I get a little tired of the lights.  I may wait until my birthday next year to put them up since I am retired and can do them at any time.  I wonder what Dick and Doug do for their place?

So far this computer is really sweet.  Not once has it said “unresponsive”!  I had buyers remorse yesterday on my way to work, but I got a check from TFM for $199 in my account today so that made me feel better.  All in all, I’m done shopping for a while.  I picked up a teeth whitening system the other day.  Haven’t tried it yet.  Will do it on a day that I can concentrate on it.  I hope it works.  Here is a picture of it.

Snow White Tooth Whitening System.  So we’ll see if it works.  Probably on Saturday some time, maybe not.  Not sure what I’ll be doing on Saturday, but SUNDAY is the Corrections Picnic – FINALLY!  On Saturday, I’ll probably pick up the left overs from Food Angels and take them to St. Matt’s.

So yesterday I had a lot of anxiety about working at TFM.  I prayed all the way to work.  It got better once I went to work.  I only had 1 bad customer – she didn’t enter in her email correctly so she got mad.  We couldn’t settle her down.  She left mad, but oh well.  It was operator error.  I made a mistake on one item and it came out wrong and I needed Anna to fix it.  Also, some man came back with bad sushi.  Anna had to fix that too.  I also gave away some broccoli because I couldn’t scan it correctly.  The writing of PLU’s is still an issue.  I tried to explain it to a woman and she got mad about it.  Fortunately she went to EMarc to check out.  I need to get more laid back.  I know when I’m frustrated, it shows badly on my face.  I love the customers with just a few items that all scan.  It is fun.  Yesterday there was a huge party tray of sushi that would not scan.  I had to hold it up and enter in all of the numbers.  I know that was wrong, but it worked.  The lady was pretty patient.  I need to work a better system of scanning and bagging at the same time.  I need a rhythm but haven’t figured it out yet.  I need to watch others and how they do it, but it’s so busy most of the time that I can’t do it.  I always feel rushed to get to the next person.  Yesterday, Michael was walking by and some lady was waiting in line and I had no one so he made it known he wasn’t too happy about that.  So that was difficult.  Oh well, that’s enough about work.

So I’m going to stop now.  I love this computer.  I’m taking it to Intergroup today so I can do my web report for next week.   I love DECEMBER!

Life is good!  Thanks for visiting.  See you next time!




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