#365 Friday Morning, December 15, 2017

Good Morning Everyone,

So it is now 10 days until Christmas!  Still after all the years here in Naples, Christmas isn’t such a big deal for me – never really has been.  I am going to go to Dick and Doug’s for Christmas Dinner.  Pam said she would give me the recipe for a great cream corn dish so I can take something.  It sounds like that really fattening one that I used to make with sour cream and cream corn etc.  So that will be something.  Now I need to think of something to bring to them as a gift.  I also want to get a gift for Pam – not sure what I want to give her.  Maybe I’ll go shopping one of these “off” days.  I’m coming into a little $$ this week from my attorney and will invest a little and spend a little.  I want to pay off my credit cards and I need to send Peggy money for the cruise and I need to buyyuhhhhhhhhhhhh (Domino is saying good morning) buy my airline ticket to Arizona.  I’m sending out some Christmas Cards this year.  Afterall, since I have so much time (retired you know) I have time to do it.

Ran across this picture in my “Shutterfly” app.  It was taken when we were at the Lake House in Texas with Suzanne.  I was the “skinniest” I’ve been, but I’m getting there now.  Just 3 more pounds to go to get to my goal weight.  But Christmas is coming and I know I’ll be “over eating”.  That is my problem I know now.  Weight Watchers has a new “Freestyle” program now and all skinless chicken and turkey are zero points, along with eggs and beans etc.  It really is cool – I only get 23 points now which doesn’t seem like many (down from 30) but it doesn’t seem like I’m using them all now so I guess it’s working!  Anyway, here is the picture:

Beaches 2008

I sent this to the girls yesterday after I found it, and Jenn expressed that she didn’t want it on Social Media.  Well, not sure if this qualifies – it’s on the web but no one but foreign spammers ever sees it beside me.  Now that Steve has died, no one really reads this thing and that’s ok because I do and that is all that matters.  It’s my journal of life!  And of course, just by emailing it out, it is “on the web”.  So there you have it!

So yesterday I was going to do something on the website and realized that I didn’t have Filezilla on this computer so I can’t get the stuff uploaded to the computer.  I noticed this morning that Bob had responded to my question so I’m going to go see what he has to say.  I’ll be back to this later so I’ll post what I have and then come back later!

Ok I’ve downloaded Filezilla onto this computer.  I need to get a memory stick from the Office Supply store – Staples – later on my Trike.  My garage door broke yesterday AGAIN so I can’t get the door open and I have to wait until this afternoon to do anything.  So I’ll test my patience.  It is always a good exercise for me!  But I have a ROKU and a Firestick so I have lots I can do while I wait.  I can also go for a long walk since it is such a cool morning – 52 degrees – and that would be good.  I’m not sure I want to get into the 10K steps again.  It was one thing when I was working at OT and I had a lot of walking to do.  I suppose I could walk over to Heather’s house.  That might be nice.  We’ll see.

I don’t have to drive Pam to work today.  She got a ride so I have the morning to mess around here.  That’s a good plan.  I’ll take a leisurely shower and wash my hair.  Now I know what it will be like when she has her own car.  She’ll be driving herself and that won’t be too long in coming.  She is saving her money.  She is finding that selling her jewelry isn’t as lucrative as she had hoped so she isn’t going to sell it right now.  She still needs to get her license back but her steps are getting there.  She is taking the DUI class in Ft. Myers over the weekend of the 30th.  Then she’ll be able to get her license I believe.  We’ll see.

Suzy on the other hand is doing pretty badly.  She has taken all of her classes and needs to get back to work but isn’t progressing as well as she should.  She has to be walking without a walker in order to go back to work.  I just don’t see that happening.  I went with her to her attorney the other day and she is now worried because the new prosecutor is “gung ho” and found another DUI from California.  So she is now worried she’ll get some “jail time”.   At our age (she is 2 years younger than me) – that is something that we don’t want to face.  She is struggling.  I will keep praying for her and I hope she is settled soon.

I guess this is about it for today.  Thanks for visiting!


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