#366 Good Morning Monday, Dec. 18, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Well I have some sad news.  Pam drank on Saturday night.  I got a call from her around 11PM and didn’t answer it.  A message was left on the phone, and so I was curious about the message.  Come to find it was a Taxi driver who left a message saying he was driving her back to my house from Ft. Myers.  She and Lundy had a fight.  So about 1/2 hour later, she shows up at the door drunk.  The taxi tab was $100.  She had received her check on Friday, so she had the cash to pay him – luckily!  Anyway, she had drunk some sort of huge beer and had another one in her purse unopened.  She went to bed and I poured them down the drain.  So all day yesterday (Sunday) she was in her room and never surfaced.  I’m sure she felt horrible.  So this morning, she called in sick to work because all of her stuff is with Lundy in Lehigh.  He isn’t responding to her, so she is stuck without a way to get her stuff.  I have to go to work at noon today so I can’t help her and I’ve decided that I won’t help her unless it is convenient for me.  I went to my 8AM meeting this morning and thought about how I would respond to her.  I told her that this is a sober house and that if she ever drinks again, she is out.  I can get her out by using my friend Jim Martie I think.  I’ll talk to him about this.  He is a former undercover cop and is now a PI.  I have given her ample opportunity to go to meetings and she isn’t doing it, not working the program so I’m losing faith in her plan to get her life together.  I don’t know what she will be doing about work tomorrow if Lundy doesn’t get in contact with her.  The only reason this is my problem is that I let her come into my house.  Right now it is a matter of trust.  I am feeling uncomfortable about going to Sarasota and the cruise in January, if things don’t straighten out.  I don’t mind skipping both of those things.  As it is, I have Jackie taking care of the cats because I thought she would be with Lundy anyway and it would just be easier for Jackie to do it, plus I believe she’ll do a better job with them anyway.  So trust is out the window.  I’ll see if she can redeem herself with me.  We’ll see.  But this is the reason I started this blog in the first place.  I need an outlet.  I think I’m thinking the same thing that I’m not working my program as I should without calling my sponsor Amy.  I think I’ll put a Christmas card in the mail to her and mention that I’m going to start calling her everyday once we determine a good time.  I just text her once in a while now so I will work on getting in touch with her since, I’m going through trauma now.  But I have the program to get me on the right path.  Thank God for AA!

So now what?  I’m going to go to Dick and Doug’s for Christmas.  I wonder what Jon and Ale are doing.  But they have their own families to deal with.  They just got back from Paris and Germany.  Travel for them is amazing.  I wouldn’t want to do all of that traveling.  I like being in Naples.

There is a video that Naples is the happiest place in America, plus the beach has been chosen by someone as the best beach in America.  But people are arguing that the 9 other choices are a little bogus.  Somewhere in Minnesota was chosen over Hawaii.  So there is some truth to that!

I guess that is about it for now.  I need to get a couple of things done before I go to work at NOON.

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, December 20th.

So to continue.  I’m beginning to get over my resentment about Pam drinking.  Trust is still a problem, but she has been in contact with Lundy and she got all her stuff back yesterday.  It was brought to Naples by Lundy’s renter.  It prevented her from going to a meeting yesterday.  I’d like to see some improvement from her about going to meetings.  She is right next to the 24 Hour club.  Tonight we are going to try to get to the new Women’s Step Meeting at 6PM.  I’m going to pick her up at work and bring her home and then we are going to get Suzy and take her to the meeting too.  I’m going to drive by the church today – I’m not working – so I can find the place after dark.

I’ve started to write out my 4th Step since I’m having Diana do it.  She is about to leave for Texas to take care of her mom while her brother goes on a trip.  I have a sneaking suspicion that she will be moving back to Texas, but we’ll see.

I need to contact Haven.  She did not make it to the GV meeting yesterday and I haven’t seen her since last month.  I think she should write out her 4th Step too.  Maybe I’ll get her to do that.  It is what I’m supposed to do as her sponsor after all.

So did I tell you that I love my computer?  It is so cool.  I bought a USB tower and I’ve connected it to the computer and I think it works for extra USB ports connected to the computer.  I bought a couple of “spy” cameras and they came with a double ended USB cord.  It seems that it should work.  I’ll try it sometime with a DVD in the external DVD player I have.

I am feeling a little better about Pam.  She said that she is going to Lundy’s for the weekend so she can take one of the classes she needs to have to get her license back.  Then the weekend after Christmas she is taking the DUI class in Ft. Myers.  So by then, I’ll be going to Sarasota on the first weekend in January and I think it will be OK since Jackie is going to feed the kitties for me.  I would prefer that Pam not be in the house by herself all weekend.  So we’ll see what happens.  Remember, it is ONE DAY AT A TIME.

Bye for now!



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