#368 Good Morning, Monday December 26, 2017

Hello Everyone,

Today is the day after Christmas.  I had a great day.  I started out with a meeting at 8 and will again today because I don’t need to work until Thursday and Pam is getting a ride this morning with Lundy.  She was with him throughout the weekend.  I slept in until 6:30 this morning – having all kinds of funny dreams!  At least I can get the 8AM without having to wash my hair – love this haircut!  Anyway – so today I’m going to hang out and probably do some laundry.

So this is what I got for Christmas:

Chia Garden

This was from Jackie and Laura.  It is a “CHIA” garden.  It has a coloring aspect which is really hard to do because the paper doesn’t absorb the ink very fast and yesterday I was smearing it which is a pain.  So I stopped doing it for a while.  So after I finish doing that knowing about the smearing, I’m supposed to put some dirt in the plastic and plant the chia seeds.  Then put it in the sun and watch it grow.  So I’m trying to figure out where to put it for it to get sun.  Anyway, it’s a work in progress!

Next this I got from Bill and Cathy:

Yellowstone Glasses

They are made out of recycled wine bottles.  They are really cool.  I put them in the breakfront with all my other special stuff.  Don’t think I’ll use them to drink out of, they are a little odd in the hand.  But I noticed that Dick and Doug served wine yesterday in unstemmed glasses.  It’s really smart to do that though.  Less spillage and breakage – at least that is the thought.

Then I wore this all day yesterday:

Jingle Bells

So this was interesting.  I wanted a picture but not with my face in it which worked, and also the Jingle Bells is not a mirror image like I see so often in selfies.  So I wonder how that worked.  Anyway, this will be put away until next year and I wore it with green sweat pants so I looked like a dorky elf.  It was funny.  I wore it to Christmas Dinner at Dick and Doug’s.

So today I went to the 8AM and started talking about The Greatest Showman and started to get emotional and cry.  It was weird, but I am planning to go to see the movie again today at 12:15.  This time by myself.  And it is cheaper if I pay at the window – inside.  I don’t think there will be a problem getting in.  The theatre is nice with big bucket chairs – very comfy!  One thing about being an alcoholic, you get obsessed by things and right now this movie has me hooked!  I hope they win a bunch of awards despite the bad reviews.   I love this rehearsal segment on YouTube:

Hugh Jackman

I’m going to try something:

I want to see if this will play on the site.  If so, I can add videos to this website.  That would be pretty cool.

So now I’m going to go and TRY it!

Thanks for visiting.  See you again!



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