#372 Good Morning Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Well the news of the day is that Suzy is not going to jail.  She’ll be going to rehab at the Willough.  That is very lucky.  I hope she is serious about it.  We’ll see.  I’m going to court with her tomorrow.

Other news:  I’m driving with UBER.  I was a little scared to start it, but so far so good.  My first trip was on Saturday.  I was at the bank with Suzy and decided to try it with her with me because I didn’t want to try it alone.  So we got a call and it turned out to be a nice young girl named Karla who needed a ride to work at Staples.  She turned out to be a student nurse candidate at LWIT.  I made around $3 on that one.  Then I decided to try it on my own on Sunday.  I picked up a guy from the private area of the airport in Naples.  He had flown in from Delray Beach to play golf at Old Collier Golf Course.  It was pretty neat.  Apparently he comes over to Naples for meetings and playing golf.  I guess that golf course is pretty exclusive.  I always wondered what was back “there” when I drive by going to church.  So picking him up from the airport and driving him up to the Golf Club near church, made me drive up there twice that day.  Funny.  Anyway that was a $13 trip.  The final trip I got was with a young guy who went to the Swamp Buggy races for the first time and he needed a ride home to Beach Resort on 951.  Another $3 trip but he gave me a $2 tip.  I think the other golf guy gave me a tip of $2 too.  I’m still learning how to work the app.  I finally figured out how I get paid.  It seems that the payment comes in on Wednesday of the next week and should show up in my Suncoast account on Thursday, so I’m trying not to obsess over it.  I kept looking for it and was frustrated that it didn’t show up.  Deb Daniels does it too and she has the payment put on a Debit Card.  I may do that one day, we’ll see.

The app is pretty cool – great technology.  You go “on line” with the app and then a call comes in and you can decide to take it or not.  The map kicks in and shows you where you are going and then continues along the route.  They guy who was going to the golf course was following me on his phone and his route was different from the one that I was getting, but there are always alternative routes.  His app was taking me out to 41 and the UBER app took me up Goodlette to Immokkalee.  I preferred the Goodlette Road route.  Here is the app:


So I put my phone on the magnet and I can follow the route.  I’m going to do a little driving today after my skin Doctor appointment.  I’ll try it from up north and see how that goes.  You can be anywhere and get a call.  So we’ll see how it goes!

I haven’t seen Pam in a couple of weeks.  She texted me this morning and said that she and Lundy were trying the “living together thing”.  I knew she would move out sooner or later.  So now I have UBER to make up for her rent.  She is still paying me rent.  I hope she will help me out when I go to Phoenix – at least for Wednesday & Thursday.  I can probably get Jackie to help out Friday through Sunday.  Oh well.  It will work out.  I wanted to have Suzy do it but now she’ll be in rehab.

Well I guess that is about it for now.  I need to get ready for my appointment and get on with the day.  Thanks for visiting!


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