#373 Good Morning Friday, February 9, 2018

Good Morning Everyone,

So today is Friday and I’m going to work at Intergroup until 12:30.  Then I’ll be home waiting for an electrician to fix the switch on my light.  So that is a waste of time – can’t UBER, but that’s ok – I have plenty of time for that over the next few years!  I am really enjoying it.  Last week I made $120.  I haven’t done so well this week, but I still have the weekend.

It’s a good thing I read the last blog.  Update on Suzee.  She doesn’t have to go to rehab after all.  She only needs to go to Outpatient at DLC.  Really super.  Now she is focusing on getting her hip replaced.  Her first appointment with Havig did not work.  He can’t do it.  Now she is looking at Howard Kapp.  I hope he will do it for her.  She really has no money and will be looking at paying through Medicare and Medicaid.  I hope she goes to rehab at The Chateau.  I was thinking it might be good to have her move in after Pam leaves, but then I thought that her financial situation is pretty dismal and I’d be sucked in to help her.  I’ll see what happens after she gets her hip done and also gets back to work.u7uij (Domino says hello!).

Michele is coming to clean today.  Yay!

Oh, another Yay!  Bob and Cyndy are moving back to Florida from California.  They will be in Venice which is a bit of a commute, but I think I’ll go up there for the sessions – if he wants, otherwise he’ll be coming here.  Their place in California is nice, but I love his place down here.  It’s very open and bright.  It has a super lanai and a great laundry room!  Can’t wait!

So UBER!  I love it.  I am going to do it until I get tired of it, which happens a lot to me, but so far it’s cool.  I’m keeping a lot of info so I have a record of my trips.  This is what I’m doing:



Well now I’m going to get rolling.  I’m working at Intergroup today, then ordering 3 1/2 sheet cakes for our dinner on Tuesday.  Then next Wednesday I go to Phoenix.  Then I get home and just continue on with my life as a retiree who wants to continue to make money and not really retire.  Life is GOOD!

Thanks for visiting!

]=[-[0pas  (Domino says Hi again!)


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