#360 Good Morning Thursday, January 11, 2018

Good Morning Everyone,

It has been a while since I’ve posted.  Life has been going along well.  I’m still working at Fresh Market.  I like it, but still have moments of anxiety.  I still have issues with some problems that arise.  Like yesterday, I had a problem with taking a check for payment.  I think it may have been that I put it in the machine wrong.  But I needed Mercedes to come help.  Then there was the women who was complaining about the black marks on the loaves of bread she was buying to “freeze” for her guests.  I think it may have been just a little over baked in the oven.  Who knows.  Then there was the complaint about the “rude” guy in the meat department.  To the point that people walked out without buying the meat and were angry.  I told the acting manager “John” that it happened and he said he would “speak” to them.  Then the man said to me “is this store closing”?  I wasn’t sure what he meant, but he said it was because there was no “product” – mainly vegetables.  I did notice that Geoff was no longer there (he went to work for Home Depot).  And I’ve seen a posting for an “assistant manager” on line.  I hope Casey takes it if he wants it, but he was there yesterday doing the schedule (on his day off) and he did give me the whole week off.  I really like him.  He was standing next to me the other day and I’m wondering why?  Anyway, I’m happy with working just 2 days a week.  So yesterday there were 2 wine bottle breaks.  I think one of the customers was getting a little drunk from the tasting.  I liked being at the 2nd Register.

Got to go.  Will continue later.

I was supposed to go to the dentist this morning.  Totally forgot – got a petticure instead!

Purple Petticure

Back to purple from the holiday red.  I love this place tucked away in a half full mall.  $28.  with a tip of $6.  Worth every penny!

Anyway, I’m excited that Michele said she would clean my house.  She is coming this afternoon around 2 to “check it out”.  I’ve been straightening up – still more to do, but I’ll get there.  Since I missed my dentist appointment, I have a little more time.  I want to ride BB today.  It is beautiful out!

Here we are at the Quarterly:

Mouse & Me

I’m getting my windows washed next Monday.  I want to remember to get them to wash my garage door windows.  Maybe by saying it “out loud” I’ll remember!

So Pam is now an independent roommate.  She got her driver’s license (much to Suzy’s dismay) and last weekend she bought herself a car.  Now I don’t need to drive her all over the place.  I thought it was cute that she got a little lost when trying to get her hair cut & getting home.  Her car is a 2015 Fiat (Fix It All The Time) 500.  Very nice – built in navigation and brown leather seats:

Pam’s new ride!

So far this week she has spent 2 nights at Lundy’s.  I don’t think I’ll have a roommate for much longer but I’ll take what I can get.  It’s been nice having her here.  Except for the SLIP!

I guess that is about all for now.  Back990 (Domino stepping on keyboard) to straightening.  Thanks for visiting!


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