#361 Good Morning Sunday, November 12, 2017

Good Morning Everyone,

So today is Beirne’s birthday.  I sent him a post on FB.  Not sure if he is still doing FB, but his birthday did not come up, so I’m wondering about that.  I found him and sent it to him.

Yesterday I was “on a register” for my whole 5 hour shift.  This is what I’ve discovered.  I can’t do more than 5 hours at the register.  I’m exhausted and that is when mistakes are made with change etc.  I have a hard time remembering the “QTY” thing.  Not sure what is weighted only and when I need to put a QTY in.  When to use the QTY button.  I did make another CHEAT SHEET.  Finding PLU’s when rushed is difficult.  People have not patience.  Mostly they are very nice, but sometimes they are rude.  Most people pay by credit card and they are dumb about the method to finish up the transaction.

I’m going to the 8AM meeting today.  I’ll return.

Didn’t get back to this until after I worked.  Today, I gave out samples of Turkey, Dressing, Ham & Gravy.  It went well.  Everyone enjoyed it.  I started worrying toward the 4 PM deadline, since the Turkey had been out since around NOON.  I hope no one gets sick.  By the end, the turkey was pretty dry.  It was a stress free work day.  Next week I work Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.  That is a good schedule for me.  Only 3 days.  I like that.  It is the end of the pay period today so I’ll get a check on Friday and then I’ll get one 2 weeks after that.  Bi-weekly payroll.

So Pam wanted me to pick her up tonight at 8 but I told her she would need to make other arrangements because now that I am home, I don’t want to go out again.

That is it for now.  No pictures today.  So see you next time!




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