#362 Good Morning Black Friday Nov. 24, 2017

Hello Everyone,

I was going to begin this post on Thanksgiving 2017, but my computer has been acting up.  It slows down and then freezes.  I took it to Staples and they ran a diagnostic on it, but said it was OK.  I’m not so sure.  But right now it is going very well.  Today is BLACK FRIDAY.  I don’t think I’ll be going shopping today – and I am working at Intergroup anyway.  Bill’s wife Sheila is in the hospital again.  I guess she had an episode yesterday and I would guess it made for a stressful Thanksgiving for them.  Very sad.  Prayers for her recovery or her transition which ever God has planned.  So this is the picture I put on FB yesterday:


I really feel grateful and blessed right now.  I have a job, a roommate and my health.  It is a great time of the year.  I may put up my Christmas lights.  It would be nice to have them up before Pam comes back from her little “get-away” with Lundy.  It’s supposed to rain today, but maybe it will hold off while they boat to Lovers Key.

Bill and Cathy went camping for Thanksgiving.  Jon & Ale were probably at home, although I’m not sure about that.  I texted him and he responded, but that doesn’t mean he was home.  I haven’t seen an update on FB yet.  They were at home.  Here is a picture of her beautiful table:

Jon & Ale Thanksgiving 2017

I went to the New Attitudes Club for Turkey dinner.  So I got my fill of the traditional meal, turkey, dressing & sweet potatoes.  There was a great corn casserole also.  I think Vivian made it and it was delicious.  Bruce and Vivian made 2 turkeys and 1 ham.  I ate the turkey.  It was great.  I stayed away from the desserts but did sneak a cookie on the way out.  Then I went to The Naples Group and Nancy spoke along with a guy from Boston.  There were not many people there but it was a good turnout for a holiday.

I bought a bunch of solar lights for the “garden” out by my lanai.  I like them, but I don’t think they get enough sun during the day.  I charged them up most of the day yesterday, and they worked pretty well last night.  The little cheap ones didn’t work that well, but I guess I’ll give them another try to charge them up on the next sunny day.  It’s supposed to rain today.  But I just saw that it’s supposed to be sunny today, so we’ll see.  I’m going to Intergroup today and then will stop by Fresh Market to see my schedule for next week.  I really want to transfer to the East Trail Fresh Market.  I hope I can do that soon.  It will be much more convenient for me.  But I need to figure out the timing on that.  I went there the other day to buy a Pecan Pie for Bruce and picked up some cashews & a 20 point “salad”.  That’s the last time I’ll buy that salad, but there probably are other salads with less points.  Anyway, I used my discount card and got 30% off!  I thought we only got 20%.  That is really great!

I may be back later.  If not, have a great BLACK FRIDAY!

I weighed in at WW on Wednesday and so did everyone else:

Weigh In Before Thanksgiving

I am down a little over 14 pounds.  But I can feel that now that it’s over and is now SATURDAY – I have gained a little back.  Time to get back on track before I weigh in on Wednesday.

I also got my holiday petticure.  Found a super place in a half filled shopping center behind the gas station I go to at Radio and Santa Barbara.  It was the best petticure I’ve had and only $28.  The Cuban woman was amazing.  I’m hooked and will return there every time now.  Regal Nails had a 1/2 wait so I went across the street.  So glad I did.  She put on an under coat and an over coat.  This should last all through the holidays!

Holiday Petticure

Now that is about all for now.  Thanks for visiting.  Time to go to the 8AM meeting at Morning Reflections.


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