#371 Good Morning, Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Well, I’ve returned from my Sober Cruise to Nassau.  It was really good and I enjoyed it more than expected.  It was a 3 day cruise out of Miami.  Very good experience.  Drove over with Peggy, Monica and Sharon.  Monica drove which was really good.  Peggy was my roommate and I’m glad it worked out.  We were in an inside cabin.  It was pretty small but very affordable.  The whole thing cost me $500.  The cost of the cruise includes all of the food which was very plentiful and good.  There were a couple of things that I didn’t like, but overall, it was great.  The ship we were on was the Enchantment of the Seas with Royal Caribbean.   Monica said it had been refurbished since last year and looked a lot more clean and updated.  So here is a picture of me, Monica and Sharon in front of the Chihuly Glass sculpture:

Group at sculpture

This is me, Monica and Sharon.  We were the 3 Muscateers.  It was great getting to know them.  This Chiluhy Glass sculpture was really nifty.  There was another one that looked like Medusa’s Hair, but I didn’t get a picture of it.  This was inside the Baha Mar Hotel at Alantis.  The hotel was really beautiful and only opened in April of last year.  Here is the picture of the entrance:


Here is another picture of Nanette, Peggy and Me on the “dress up” night (Saturday night).

Peggy Me & Nanette

There was so much food on this trip – I’m sure on all cruises, and I kept marveling at the skill that it was done.  There was so much variety and everything was really good.  I ate too much, but now I’ll skip WW until I lose the 3 pounds that I gained.  I was pretty careful, but enjoyed myself too.

In the room, they did a great job keeping the place set up.  They put these two towel sculptures on the bed at night which was really cute:

Bed Towel 1

Towel at bedtime

The inside cabin was big enough for us and the best price.  Haven indicated that she would be interested in going next year so I’d like that.  I hope she follows through with it.

I really felt that it was fun and I think we recruited a few women to go to Sister’s by the Sea.  At least we tried.  The meetings were good, but not enough.  Next time, I’m going to try to get to the Bill W meetings on board.  I didn’t get to them this time, but will try harder to find them next time.

The second day the ship anchored off of their island.  We all stayed on the ship.  Peggy was interested in the casino.  She also won a $250 spa treatment.  I’m really glad for her – she appreciated it more than I would.  She also won $250 at the casino.  I lost $40.  It was OK – not all that much fun.  I saw that Terri Melville won $3500 on her cruise.  Now that is something to be excited about!

Here is a picture us our group including Linda and Ronnie:

Group at Atlantis

Peggy and I ate with Linda and Ronnie.  They were from Boca Raton.  Both came from money.  Linda owned 26 Subways and Ronnie was affiliated with Waste Management.

I am really glad that I went on this cruise.  Next year the ship will be larger and will also have an ice skating rink.  I can’t imagine that in the Tropics!  That will be interesting.  Still I was very impressed by the service and the staff on the ship.  What a life they lead.  Most of them were really young.  I’ll be interested to get the survey about the ship.

Well I better get rolling.  I need to go to work today at Fresh Market.  But first I need to remember to give Casey the days I can not work next week.  I have a skin doctor appointment.  I want them to remove the cyst on my forehead and I also have a new mole on the back of my neck.

So thanks for visiting.  See you next time!




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