Good Morning August 1, 2014

Good Morning from Connecticut, I had the best flight yesterday!  It was a sleek Delta Jet that was one of the smaller ones I’ve been on, but it was really great because I did not have anyone sitting next to me.  How many times does that happen in your travels?  I usually sit by someone and I immediately begin to sleep because I’m usually not interested in engaging them in conversation.  Is that rude?  Anyway, beyond the first “hellos” I usually like to sleep on my flights.  Not sure if I ever really do, but at least my eyes are closed.  My flight was a non stop which was great also.  The weather was wonderful, and I even came in a little early.  My cousin Dick was sitting in the parking lot at a different concourse.  He looked up my flight and they said I’d be at “D” and I was at “C”.  The parking at LGA is all “torn up” so he couldn’t park near me.  So I just walked out and he came and picked me up at the curb.  Pretty cool! It took about an hour to get home from the airport so it was so great that he was able to do that.  It’s great that he is retired now and able to be available to me, I love him for that.

We had a great lunch sitting outside in Darien and the weather has been beautiful and the temperture in the 70’s.  So much nicer than the HOT Florida HEAT!  They had the windows open yesterday throughout the house but they turn on the AC at night for sleeping.  It is wonderful!

We took a little ride over to visit with Aunt Pat in her “new digs”.  Her apartment is lovely and she is surrounded by all of her memories.  She was very animated and seemed happy enough.  She gets frustrated and keeps saying how when you are in your 80’s that your mind is gone and you forget things.  Maplewood in Darien is really well done.  There are 3 floors.  Aunt Pat is on the 3rd floor and if she becomes less able to take care of herself, she’ll move down to the second floor.  She likes to walk as she has been doing all of her life and also asked them if they would be able to get a treadmill for her.  Don’t think that will happen, but you never know.  The design of the building is very nice.  The front door opens up onto the Post Road which is very busy.  She has been told that she can walk in the back yard garden, which is really nice.  It has a brick walkway and some tables with umbrellas to protect from the sun.  The chairs are really heavy and difficult to move for her small stature (only 106 pounds).  There is a very nice beauty salon on the first floor, along with administration and the dining room where we are going to go for lunch today.  So I’ll see another side of the place then.  But so far so good.  She calls Dick and Doug a lot.  They are so kind to her.  At least she remembers their telephone number.  She called last night while we were eating dinner out side on the patio (picture below) and was concerned about her car.  Her car is now owned by Luann’s daughter Kathryn and she didn’t remember that had happened.  So those kind of things happen and Dick was able to calm her down over the phone.  I can really say that it is really draining and God had the right plan when he had Dick and Doug be close to her.  I know I wouldn’t have been able to do anything like this and still be working. More on the reunion and other adventures later.

I wanted to put in the picture of the patio at Dick’s.  We had a lovely dinner outside last night.

I am using Doug’s computer, I decided to keep my laptop at home since it was so heavy and I wasn’t sure what type of service they had so I have my phone and Kindle with me.

I can’t upload the picture here so I’ll have to do that when I get home.  (If I remember)!  Yikes – short term memory loss must run in the family!


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